The strategic directions of activity NGOs include:

  • Assisting people in protecting their rights and freedoms:
  • The impact on the national and regional policies on human rights;
  • Conducting public events in support of human rights;
  • Education in the field of human rights;
  • Conducting research in the field of human rights.

Based on them we realise following projects.

Partnership with DOCUDAYS UA

Providing human rights education among Kropyvnytsky citizens we also care about people in prisons. Being the regional partner of the Docudays UA – international human rights documentary film festival – we tell them about their rights by showing and discussing movies also making world culture and experience closer to them.

Also everyone can see movies at the library in October–November. Follow the announcements.

Public reseption

Since 2010, the "Territory of success" is a member of Ukrainian Helsinki Human Rights Union. On the basis of NGO were founded one of the 35 free public receptions all over Ukraine, where everyone who needs can get free legal aid or consult a lawyer. 

Among the many customers waiting - pensioners, IDPs, those who are expensive to consult a lawyer or notary and just people in despair, which for a long time failed to help solve their problem in any institution.

1903 consultations were given by lawyers of the public reception just in 2015.

Responses of the public reception's clients you can find on our Youtube channel

Re-granting program for local NGOs

The project "Ukrainian Regional Platform for Public Initiatives" 8 NGOs from all over Ukraine have united to support effective projects of small NGOs aimed at promoting democracy and decentralization at the local level. Our organization moderates projects in Kirovohrad and Cherkasy regions.

During the first stage of the competition in 2015-2016 was realized 10 winning projects, thematically aimed at solving community problems, enlightenment, human rights, civic activity, monitoring of local authorities and others. Now in its second stage of the competition projects.

'The TIRE of the YEAR'

This prize was established in 2014 for nomminee the representerd of the local government and local after the Revolution of Dignity in 2014.

Citizens of Kropyvnytsky and th region can register their 'candidate' using this application.