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On April 20, 2016 from 11:00 to 14:00 in the big hall of the Regional library for youth (6/15 Architect Pauchenko St.) an open report of public organizations of the Kirovohrad region will be held. Representatives of over ten action groups will tell the audience about their ideas, work on their implementation and ways to achieve success in their implementation. The initiator of the meeting is human rights NGO “Territory of Success”.

“A year ago we started a tradition of conducting an open report. The event was unique, because an open Declaration of the results of an agency’s operations is still rare. The high point for today is a report on the website of the organisations,— tells Inga Dudnik, Executive Director of the NGO “Territory of Success”...


The access to public information in one click (webinar)


On April 1, 2016 the coordinator of the public reception, a practicing lawyer Eugene Gornitsky, held a webinar on “Access to Public Information. Practical Tips”. During the webinar, he discussed the historical background of the need of the public to have access to public information, whether the requested information is available, how to get a specific answer to your query, and what to do in case of the failure to obtain the needed information.

Everyone who didn't participate in on online webinar session has the opportunity at a convenient time to view the webinar at the link: http://cd-platform.org/webinars/1402- nashi-vebinari.

Quick instructions:

1. Follow the link (http://cd-platform.org/webinars/1402-nashi- vebinari).



The Board of experts on the illegal decision of the City Council, the “features” of the rules and the first e-petition in Kirovograd


On April 7, 2016 in Kirovograd a press conference was held by the public partnership “Council of Experts”. During the event, the participants who included civil society activists Tatyana Kovalenko, Dmitro Sinchenko and Inga Dudnik, spoke about the action on appeal of the illegal decisions of the Kirovograd City Council and reviewed the new regulations of the Kirovograd City Council. Also the participants of the public partnership presented to the citizens an alternative procedure of electronic petitions and talked about the first two petitions.

• Since the beginning of work of the deputies of the Kirovograd City Council 7 convocation, 184 decisions were accepted (excluding the decisions of the last meeting, which at the moment have not published in full)...


We invite the activists of the Kirovograd oblast to the exchange of successful experiences

light bulbs sketched on chalkboard Many small ideas make a big one

On April 20, 2016 the human rights NGO “Territory of Success” invites non-governmental organizations and activists of the Kirovograd to discuss their reports about the results of their activities for the year.

Representatives of social movements, organizations, activists, whose implemented or introduced ideas are changing the world on a local level, will share their experiences in a short presentation format lasting “7 minutes +1 minute for the applause”. To participate, please register by filling out the form. Participants wishing to speak should prepare a brief report and send in the questionnaire until  April  14 (for the speakers) or until April 16 (for other participants).

“One of the main principles of the NGO “Territory of Success” is the openness and transparency of i...


The next meeting with the grant recipiens


On the eve of Old New Year and Christmas eve, on January 13, the NGO “Territory of Success” brought together representatives of NGOs, elected in the first stage of the mini-grants competition and now we have the opportunity to implement the ideas of local communities with the financial support of donors. It is a symbolic date as it predicts a variety of options for project activities for activists in the coming year.

This was hinted at by Inga Dudnik (Executive Director of the NGO “Territory of Success”) and Lyudmila Shestakova (Executive Director of NGO “Flora”), recalling that the second stage of the competition is around the corner, as well as offering participants training with other NGOs in the country, numerous meetings with activists, and an opportunity for sharing experien...


Social activists from Kirovograd region: now they know all about the access to public information


On December 17 in the premises of the regional library for youth a training was held “About Access to Public Information”, organized by the NGO “Territory of Success”. Among the nearly three dozen participants, there were public figures, representatives of public media not only from Kirovograd, but from Kompaniivka, Svetlovodsk, Alexandria, Mala Wiska, and Novoukrainka. Most of those in attendance had the skills to work with requests to the authorities, but there were some in attendance who had no such experience. The action program was helpful for everyone.

The trainers were experts with extensive practical experience in the process of working with requests for public information — Zoe Lebid, active citizen of Kirovograd,known as a member of such community organizations as “Beregi...


Recipients of mini-grants summarize the results


Today, December 17, the NGO “Territory of Success” brought together the recipients of small grants for the traditional debriefing activity at the end of the year. The meeting was held in the traditional format for the grant recipients of the training consultations.

Despite the nature of the creative projects, the vast majority of the questions raised were related to reporting, both financial and analytical. In regards to financial matters, accounting consultation was provided by the NGO “Territory of Success” — Komisaruk Irina and Andrei Kovalenko. In the second part of the talk the floor was taken by Lyudmila Shestakova and Inga Dudnik.

They discussed monitoring the results of activities, which is not only a statistic, but reflects the qualitative and quantitative effecti...


Street action “Children Against Violence”: the hands of citizens will not hit the child


Today, December 15, students of the school № 3 named by Elena Zhurliva, volunteers from the school of the tolerance club took part in the flashmob, organized by NGO “Territory of Success” — “Children Against Violence”.

During the action the children were asking passersby how they relate to the use of physical violence in the upbringing of children. Participants must record theirr answer by circling the palm of the hand on paper with the appropriate inscription — “This hand will never hit a child” and “Beating children.” It’s nice that the majority of respondents would never raise a hand to children, as evidenced by numerous multi-colored handprints on the first paper...


Flash Mob Against Violence


Monday, December 15 at 13:45 at the intersection of Most Promising and Transfiguration (near the Hotel “Kiev”) will be held public action “Children against violence” initiated by the NGO “Territory of Success”. Local schoolchildren will ask passers-by to prevent physical violence in the family. According to the results of the action will create a poster “That arm will never hit a child”.

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Activists discussed the constitutional reform


On December 15, in the office of the Ukrainian-Polish Business Institute, representatives of public organizations, experts and activists were invited to participate in public meeting “The Constitutional Process in Ukraine: the Agreement of Political Elites to Public Consensus”. Given the importance and scale of the discussed changes, the NGO “Territory of Success” and “Flora” also participated in the event.

The main speakers Sergey Kishchenko (member of the Board of the International Center for Policy Studies), Taras Stetskiv (previous deputy of the Rada at the MP-I and VI convocations) and Victor Zherdytsky (social activist, former politician)...